How to deal with “Wicked Weather” on your Wedding Day?

By MOBE’s Events & Entertainment

Planning the outdoor wedding of your dreams certainly requires more preparation & extra effort in decision making than having it done indoors. Even in the most desirable conditions, wedding planning can be stressful. What more when dealing with the unpredictable weather? There are many lovely outdoor destination weddings here and abroad – like beautiful beaches, lake fronts, mountains, gardens providing gorgeous backdrop for outdoor weddings. The variety of charming locations are endless! Some of the beautiful wedding ceremonies we have sung for and coordinated have been outdoors. There is nothing more beautiful than being one with your spouse and one with nature, but plan accordingly, as heavy rain and strong winds are two of the biggest factors that can ruin your big day!

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, we always recommend establishing a back-up plan with your venue personnel or event coordinator. Ask all the necessary questions in advance. The most important piece of advice is to have an alternative location planned in case the weather turns sour. To have a banquet hall ready for you. Some venues offer the entire place without incurring extra costs and through others may charge a little more, it will definitely save you from worrying and not enjoying your big day. If you can’t afford a back-up location on hold and you are going ahead regardless of the weather, put a note on your invitation indicating that the wedding will happen “rain or shine,” so guests have the option of bringing umbrellas to the wedding. Or it’s good gesture to have large golf-type umbrellas available as back up. There are companies who make personalized umbrellas that work well and may serve as your added giveaway.

If your outdoor wedding will be held in a location with no building or indoor facilities, like a garden in a private estate, inform all key suppliers especially those that require lighting and electricity. When calculating the tent into your budget, make sure your price includes delivery, set-up and tear-down. Your professional suppliers may also suggest things you have not thought of since they have had experienced the same thing in their previous engagements. Another thing, keep in mind that musical instruments are delicate and can be damaged by direct sunlight, humidity and/or mist. Therefore, ask your musicians what there plan B is!

The above suggestions are only few of possible strategies for avoiding bad weather during an outdoor wedding. Bottom line, when every detail of your special day is planned, every moment prepared for, but the weather is one thing you really can’t count on. Don’t assume that the weather will behave just because you want it to, have a careful plan and be prepared to implement it. Part of its success is tied to-again, weather conditions.

Lastly, weather-appropriate shoes are wise as a standby. By planning ahead, however, you can stop bad weather from ruining your otherwise most delightful & memorable wedding day!



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