Perfect Pairings : What menus work for destination weddings?

K by Cunanan

In the past, marrying away from home almost always meant that the couple would elope. But today, this idea has now shed its negative connotation and a growing number of couples have found the idea of destination weddings to be perfect for their dream day – intimate, relaxed and comforting. These three details are essential when it comes to creating the ideal menu for your wedding.

Finding the perfect pairing is about providing a harmonious balance between presentation, nourishment, quality and texture. It is important to blend an exquisite combination of flavors that will delight your guests as well as satisfy. There is hardly any need for an elaborate or extensive menu.

Let the ambience of the venue and atmosphere guide you in preparing a set of dishes that will highlight the focal flavors of the region – mouthwatering grilled entrees for when you’re celebrating by the beach or native Filipiniana dishes with a twist for foreign couples celebrating in the country.

Let the ingredients showcase themselves revealing their true essence. Use the freshest of fresh ingredients, cook them to enhance their flavors and excite the palette. Seek the perfect wine accompaniment for your dishes. These are sure to bring out the unique taste in each meal.

Most of all, ensure that your menu reflects what you both enjoy as a couple. After all, it is a celebration of love, life and the blending of new families and new flavors!



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