DOs and DON’Ts For Destination Weddings


Do select an accessible destination. You won’t be the only one who will benefit from this but also your guests. They will be more likely to attend your special day and be happy to be there. Having an accessible destination also eliminates potential issues that may arise regarding coordinating your event.

Do visit your destination prior to your big day. If you can afford to visit and have an ocular, that would be very good. It would help if you can personally see the place and assess it (traffic situation, climate, distance from other hotels, etc) so you can act on potential issues that may arise. Meet or scout for local suppliers while you’re there.

Do research for the marriage requirements before selecting your destination. This is especially true for those wanting to have an out of the country wedding. Each country/state will have different requirements, which may change from time to time. Be aware of those requirements and prepare for it before you go.

Do scout for hotels and negotiate for group discounts. Most hotels give discount if you book for a large group. Your guests will surely appreciate this!

Do arrive at your destination a few days ahead of your big day. This will give you time to review the details of your wedding. This also allow for any travel delays. You’ll also have time to relax before your wedding day so that stress will be at a minimum level.

Do send out save-the-date cards and wedding invitations well in advance. Since your wedding will require travel, allow your guests to have ample time to prepare (schedule time off from work, book flights and hotels, etc). It would be nice to invite even those you know who cannot attend. It is always nice to be asked and who knows who might just surprise you on your special day!

Do add a touch of the local culture to your wedding. Whether serving local delicacies or incorporating a local tradition into the wedding, do not be afraid to explore.

Do be flexible. You might be dreaming of a sunset wedding, but the place is too buggy during the dusk so you might need to adjust the time of your wedding. Accept that what you have in mind might not be feasible to your chosen destination.

Do choose an appropriate attire for you and your entourage. Consider the climate of your destination and dress comfortably with style!

Do hire a professional wedding planner. You will need all the help you can!




Don’t expect all invited guests to be present. Guest will have their reason for not coming such as schedule conflicts or budget concerns. Don’t take it personally if they cannot come. A destination wedding is usually an avenue for an intimate gathering.

Don’t  assume that guests are familiar with your destination. Provide maps, direction and some information about the place so your guests will feel more comfortable traveling.

Don’t plan every detailed activity for your guests. You may provide a short itinerary for your guests so that they won’t get bored, but allow them to have time for themselves, explore the place and relax. Remember that they are on vacation too so don’t let them feel obligated to join all your prepared activity.

Don’t feel obliged to pay for the travel expenses of your guests. You may do so as a courtesy and if your budget allows it. What you need to provide though, is food and accommodation during their stay. It will also help if you can make their stay as comfortable as possible. Arrange for discounts for the activities they might want to try and transportation if they want to explore the place.

Don’t forget to appreciate your guests for coming. Provide welcome baskets with items that will make their stay comfortable. Include a thank you note to make them really feel appreciated. You can also schedule a dinner with them to personally thank them.

Don’t be too out. Just enjoy your day!



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