Choosing your Wedding Reception Venue

While your wedding ceremony will be the most memorable event for you as a couple, the wedding reception is where your guest will enjoy the most. And since the reception contributes the biggest portion of your wedding budget, it is wise to choose a good venue where you will not necessarily have to spend less, but where you can get good value for your money and keep your guest happy. Here are a few considerations when choosing your festivity area.

    1. Money matters
      • Your budget will dictate the kind of reception you will have. Look around and compare the rates. Look at their rental charges and ask if they offer packages may seem to be less hassle but it also offers less flexibility for the couple. However, weigh the trades-offs and see if you can do away with some things at a lesser cost. Ask the terms of payment and if refund of deposit will be available in case of cancellation.


    1. Location
      • It is always ideal to find a reception venue that is within the same are as the ceremony location. This would be very convenient for your guest and will avoid their late arrival. For out-of- town weddings, consider a reception venue that is not too far from the lodging place for your guests.


    1. Theme
      • Deciding on a theme is also crucial as this will affect your chosen location. Choosing a garden or beach wedding is romantic as nature will be your backdrop and minimal décor will be needed to enhance and enchant the place. Hotel receptions are also good because facilities are always complete. Indoor reception is always assumed safe controlled, while outdoor reception is fun but you have to know the risks. Weather is oftentimes unpredictable so there should always be a provision for the ‘plan B’ for outdoor weddings. Ask if they will provide, drapes, linens, napkins and chairs covers that will match your motif.


    1. Physical Comports
      • Try to make your guest comfortable. Look at the facilities of the place and see if your guess will be happy to stay there during the duration of the festivity. Check if they do have clean restrooms, smoking area enough parking spaces or valet parking. Ask also how the staff will be dressed because it would be too embarrassing for a guest if another guest mistakes her for a staff. Know also the ratio of the staff to the guests and self each attention in case he needs it. Check the lighting, air-conditioning and heaters. Make sure elevators or facilities for handicaps elders are available as well.


    1. Restrictions and Limitations
      • Know what you can and cannot do at the venue and abide by the rules. Ask how long you can rent the facility and if there are extra charges in case you exceed the given time. It is also important to ask if there would be an event in the same place prior or after yours. Be sure that there would be enough time o clean up and redecorate before the next event. Ask about corkage fees and if drinking is allowed within the area.


    1. Hidden and Other Charges
      • Be keen on extra expenses that will be charged to you. Ask if parking is free for guests, and if those small little details that you would like will require additional costs.

Wedding Tips:

Keep these in mind while preparing your guest list:

    • First priority guest:
      • Immediate families (including in laws of siblings)
      • Relatives (first degree)
      • Couple’s Friends (from current work or business)
      • Parents’ guest (close family and friends)
      • Absentee Guest / courtesy invitations (overseas family and friends / dignitaries, priest, coordinator)


  • Second priorities guest:
    • Relatives (second to third degree)
    • Couple’s friends (from school and pat work or business)
    • Parents’ Guests (colleagues in business and community)
    • Couple’s Acquaintances (from gym, carpool, clubs, etc)



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