Fung Shui Tips

FENG SHUI (pronounced “fung Shway” or fung shwee”) is an ancient chinese practice which is believed to utilized the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive spiritual energy. Check out some of these feng shui practice to invite good vibes into your wedding…

Lucky dates

  • Any date that ends in 8 or 9 is considered lucky. 8 means love while 9 means eternity.
  • Any date that adds up to the umber 8 is also good.
  • The 18th is considered the perfect date because it ends in 8 and it adds up to 9.

Gowns and accessories

  • White is the most popular choice for wedding gowns, an off-white or cream color attracts good luck.
  • Red is the color of happiness so it would be a good idea to add an element of red to your flowers or your jewelry.
  • If you are going to borrow something to observe the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ tradition, make sure you do so with a person who has enjoyed a happy marriage.

Wedding Ring

  • Wedding or engagement rings should be in the form of the double happiness symbol. This brings lasting happiness to the couple and good fortune for the family. This is the best when the rings are made either I gold or with diamonds.


  • Put pink flowers in the northeast corner of your ceremony venue, as this is the corner for love and marriage.
  • Make sure there is enough room around to enable energy to flow freely.


  • Round or oval tables are perfect choices because they make harmonious gatherings. rectangle or square tables must be avoided because they create a feeling of conflict due to their hard, sharp angles.
  • Make sure the entire room is lit up to let the life energy flow freely around the room. Add a flower or a plant to dark corners if light cannot reach that area.
  • Place two pieces of rose quartz in a square box and position this in the far right corner of your reception hall. This should make your reception harmonious and diffuse any diffuse any arguments or tension.
  • Using scented candles or essential oils can subtly change the energy around your reception. Use rosemary to have a fun, spirited reception. Ylang-ylang is for a sultry, sexy vibe. If you are going to have a relaxed, sit-down dinner, use vanilla or cinnamon.
  • It would be nice if no clocks are visible in your area. Clocks indicate time limitation and contradict the ideal of the union being timeless.

Wedding cake

  • Black and white is the perfect balance of ying and yang. Those color scheme sparks harmony in your married life. However, not all brides want the color black anywhere in her wedding, and that includes her wedding cake.
  • Since three is the Feng Shui number of love, a three-tiered wedding cake is perfect. Pick a square cake for a stable marriage and round cake if you want to have many children.


  • The best present to be received is a pair of mandarin ducks. They symbolize love and enhances romance when place on the southwest corner of the house.
  • It also nice to receive laughing Buddha or Wind Chimes.

Did you know that…?

The new bride must be enter her home by the main door, and must not trip or fall. This is the origin of the custom of carrying the bride over the threshold.



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