Tips in planning your wedding with a shortened period

1. Wedding Location

  • There’s never harm in trying. Try your luck by inquiring at your preferred place. But be ready to be turned down because most popular wedding venues are booked early on. However, you might just get lucky!
  • Look for non- traditional spots, there are a lot of a beautiful churches and weddings venues here in the Philippines. You can ask around for nice venues from friend or relatives. If you are relative have a beautiful garden, you might want to utilize that space.
  • Considered hiring a wedding coordinator. They will greatly help you find a hard to find wedding location because they do have the networking skills. Options to choose from.

2. Wedding Outfit

  • Wedding gowns require time to complete, what with all the beadworks necessary to make the gown perfect. But there are lots of supplies who can do express gowns, with quality of course!
  • Ask for referrals from friends or relatives so that you can have priority attention Consider buying a ready to wear gown both for you and for your bridesmaids As an Alternative, try considering dresses not intended tobe a bride’s maids gown but a prom gown or a party gown .extend your options.
  • You can ask your bridesmaids to wear their own dresses or provide for their own with a particular color.

3. Invitations

  • Complete and finalize your entourage list fast! Wedding invites should be delivered at least 6 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Make your own invitation, or have a friend who I knowledgeable in computers make your invitation. A lot of software can help you design your own invitation.
  • Consider express mails so that your invitation reaches the recipient earlier. Through this is more expensive, you can be assured of fast delivery service.
  • Hand your invitation personally or have a friend give it personally to avoid having to mail the invites.

4. Food and Cake

  • Most caterers are also booked in advance, so as they; there is never harm in trying. Inquire and you might just book the date you desire.
  • Consider having your Aunt who cooks so well be your own caterer!

5. Wedding favors and Gift

  • Search the internet for a specific favor you would like to give so that you’ll have an idea where to start looking.
  • Visit specialty shops so you can look for unique wedding favors.
  • Wedding favors isn’t necessary, but it is a nice way to thank your entire guest for going the extra mile to be present at your wedding.



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