SANGpasasalaMATT ( A Wedding Amidst a Pandemic)

Rosana and Matt are one of the many couples whose wedding celebration were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, despite the fears brought by the pandemic and the challenges that came with the rules and regulations mandated by our government through this time, the couple stayed firm in their desire to be married this year— 2020.

Rosana and Matt pushed through with their original wedding date which was last September 5, 2020. They chose this date because

Matt is a Marian devotee and the date is close to the birthday of the blessed Virgin Mary. Their decision to push thru with the wedding date was of course not an easy road. They had to go through several cancellations and changes with their catering, venue, prenup location, number of guests, etc. Nevertheless, with good foresight and proper planning, Rosana and Matt were able to make their wedding happen.

The couple were married in the historical Manila Cathedral with 35 guests which was only 25% of their original guest list, since the church only allows a maximum of 50 guests during the quarantine.

Rosana and Matt now consider having a wedding in the midst of a pandemic as one of their greatest achievement together.



Ceremony : Manila Cathedral

Reception : White Knight Hotel

Photo & Video : DLPRO Photography & Video


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