Food Budget

Weddings, especially for FILIPINOS, are huge feasts where the whole family gets together, have good conversation and eat great food. This is a time for celebration and bonding and of course, eating! Here are some tips from K by Cunanan Catering on how to extend your budget for food, without compromising taste, flavor and satisfaction:


  • Choose dishes that are packed with spices and herbs. Instead of having six main dishes, choose four that are filled with flavor and impressive enough to stand alone.
  • Pick entrees that include side dishes instead of getting one whole vegetable dish. The lesser the dishes, the more the person focus on the taste of the food. It is difficult to distinguish the taste among so many dishes.
  • Avail all promo during wedding fairs.
  • When it comes to the wedding cake one edible layer is most of the time more than enough to serve to the guests.
  • Strict RSVP is always helpful to ensure your order for the correct number of guests.
  • Ask for crew meals and separate kiddie meal depending on your guest lists.


Wedding tip:
For dessert, instead of going for traditional sweet dessert s which may be full of sugary tops or fattening cream, consider servings of fresh fruit. This is a really good option especially in summer.