Banquet Styles

Decide how you want your meal to be served during your reception. Here are some options you can choose from:

1. Sitdown
  1. Plated Service
    • This is the most formal banquet style; each course is beautifully arranged and served in separate plates.
  2. Russian Saervice
    1. Waiters go around and offer each food item to the guests on a platter or serving dish.
  3. French Service
    1. This is similar to Russian service but 2 waiters will be serving; one to hold the platter and one to serve the guest.

2. Buffet
  1. Long Buffet Tables
    1. This is the traditional buffet set-up, items are arranged on one long table from the appetizers to the desserts.
    2. Food Stations
      • Food items are grouped and place on separate smaller tables based on their category.

3. Lauriat
  • This is a 9 course Chinese meal served on platters and place in a lazy Susan. This is served on a staggered basis and takes around 1.5 to 2 hours. Charging is per table and not per head.

4. Cocktail
  • This is the least formal banquet style. Food and drinks can be passed around by waiters or small cocktail tables are set-up. Guests are encouraged to mingle so there are less seats available.

5. Combination
  • Can be a combination of one or 2 banquet styles. For example, a sit-down service but with a dessert buffet. Another example is to have a sit-down service for the VIP tables but buffet for the rest.

Choosing your Wedding Reception Venue

While your wedding ceremony will be the most memorable event for you as a couple, the wedding reception is where your guest will enjoy the most. And since the reception contributes the biggest portion of your wedding budget, it is wise to choose a good venue where you will not necessarily have to spend less, but where you can get good value for your money and keep your guest happy. Here are a few considerations when choosing your festivity area.

  1. Money matters
    • Your budget will dictate the kind of reception you will have. Look around and compare the rates. Look at their rental charges and ask if they offer packages may seem to be less hassle but it also offers less flexibility for the couple. However, weigh the trades-offs and see if you can do away with some things at a lesser cost.

      Ask the terms of payment and if refund of deposit will be available in case of cancellation.

  2. Location
    • It is always ideal to find a reception venue that is within the same are as the ceremony location. This would be very convenient for your guest and will avoid their late arrival.

      For out-of- town weddings, consider a reception venue that is not too far from the lodging place for your guests.

  3. Theme
    • Deciding on a theme is also crucial as this will affect your chosen location.

      Choosing a garden or beach wedding is romantic as nature will be your backdrop and minimal décor will be needed to enhance and enchant the place. Hotel receptions are also good because facilities are always complete.

      Indoor reception is always assumed safe controlled, while outdoor reception is fun but you have to know the risks. Weather is oftentimes unpredictable so there should always be a provision for the 'plan B' for outdoor weddings.

      Ask if they will provide, drapes, linens, napkins and chairs covers that will match your motif.

  4. Physical Comports
    • Try to make your guest comfortable. Look at the facilities of the place and see if your guess will be happy to stay there during the duration of the festivity. Check if they do have clean restrooms, smoking area enough parking spaces or valet parking.

      Ask also how the staff will be dressed because it would be too embarrassing for a guest if another guest mistakes her for a staff. Know also the ratio of the staff to the guests and self each attention in case he needs it.

      Check the lighting, air-conditioning and heaters. Make sure elevators or facilities for handicaps elders are available as well.

  5. Restrictions and Limitations
    • Knows what you can and cannot do at the venue and abide by the rules.

      Ask how long you can rent the facility and if there are extra charges in case you exceed the given time. It is also important to ask if there would be an event in the same place prior or after yours. Be sure that there would be enough time o clean up and redecorate before the next event.

      Ask about corkage fees and if drinking is allowed within the area.

  6. Hidden and Other Charges
    • Be keen extra expenses that will be charge to you. Ask if parking is free for guest, and if those small little details that you would like will require additional costs.

Wedding Tips:

Keep these in mind while preparing your guest list:

  • First priority guest:
    • Immediate families (including in laws of siblings)
    • Relatives (first degree)
    • Couple's Friends (from current work or business)
    • Parents' guest (close family and friends)
    • Absentee Guest / courtesy invitations (overseas family and friends / dignitaries, priest. Coordinator)

  • Second priorities guest:
    • Relatives (second to third degree)
    • Couple's friends (from school and pat work or business)
    • Parents' Guests (colleagues in business and community)
    • Couple's Acquaintances (from gym, carpool, clubs, etc)

Fung Shui Tips

FENG SHUI (pronounced "fung Shway" or fung shwee") is an ancient chinese practice which is believed to utilized the laws of both heaven and earth to help one improve life by receiving positive spiritual energy. Check out some of these feng shui practice to invite good vibes into your wedding...

Lucky dates
  • Any date that ends in 8 or 9 is considered lucky.8 means love while 9 means eternity.
  • Any date that adds up to the umber 8 is also good.
  • The 18th is considered the perfect date because it ends in 8 and it adds up to 9.

Gowns and accessories
  • While is the most popular choice for wedding gowns, an off-white or cream color attracts good luck.
  • Red is the color of happiness so it would be a good idea to add an element of red to your flowers or your jewelry.
  • If you are going tomorrow something to observe the 'something old something new, something borrowed, something blue' tradition, make sure you do so with a person who has enjoyed a happy marriage.

Wedding Ring
  • Wedding or engagement rings should be in the form of the double happiness symbol. This brings lasting happiness to the couple and good fortune for the family. This is the best when the rings are made either I gold or with diamonds.

  • Put pink flowers in the northeast corner of your ceremony venue, as this is the corner for love and marriage.
  • Make sure there is enough room around to enable energy to flow freely.

  • Round or oval tables are perfect choices because they make harmonious gatherings. rectangle or square tables must be avoided because they create a feeling of conflict due to their hard, sharp angles.
  • Make sure the entire room is lit up to let the life energy flow freely around the room. Add a flower or a plant to dark corners if light cannot reach that area.
  • Place two pieces of rose quartz in a square box and position this in the far right corner of your reception hall. This should make your reception harmonious and diffuse any diffuse any arguments or tension.
  • Using scented candles or essential oils can subtly change the energy around your reception. Use rosemary to have a fun, spirited reception. Ylang-ylang is for a sultry, sexy vibe. If you are going to have a relaxed, sit-down dinner, use vanilla or cinnamon.
  • It would be nice if no clocks are visible in your area. Clocks indicate time limitation and contradict the ideal of the union being timeless.

Wedding cake
  • Black and white is the perfect balance of ying and yang. Thos color scheme sparks harmony in your married life. However, not all brides want the color black anywhere in her wedding, and that includes her wedding cake.
  • Since three is the Feng Shui number of love, a three-tiered wedding cake is perfect. Pick a square cake for a stable marriage and round cake if you want to have many children.

  • The best present to be received is a pair of mandarin ducks. They symbolize love and enhances romance when place on the southwest corner of the house.
  • It also nice to receive laughing Buddha or Wind Chimes.

Did you know that...?

The new bride must be enter her home by the main door, and must not trip or fall. This is the origin of the custom of carrying the bride over the threshold.

Food Budget

Weddings, especially for FILIPINOS, are huge feasts where the whole family gets together, have good conversation and eat great food. This is a time for celebration and bonding…and of course, eating! Here are some tips from K by Cunanan Catering on how to extend your budget for food, without compromising taste, flavor and satisfaction:

  • Choose dishes that are packed with spices and herbs. Instead of having six main dishes, choose four that are filled with flavor and impressive enough to stand alone.
  • Pick entrees that include side dishes instead of getting one whole vegetable dish. The lesser the dishes, the more the person focus on the taste of the food. It is difficult to distinguish the taste among so many dishes.
  • Avail all promo during wedding fairs.
  • When it comes to the wedding cake one edible layer is most of the time more than enough to serve to the guests.
  • Strict RSVP is always helpful to ensure your order for the correct number of guests.
  • Ask for crew meals and separate kiddie meal depending on your guest lists.

Wedding tip:
For dessert, instead of going for traditional sweet dessert s which may be full of sugary tops or fattening cream, consider servings of fresh fruit. This is a really good option especially in summer.

Tips in planning your wedding with a shortened period

1. Wedding Location

  • There's never harm in trying. Try your luck by inquiring at your preferred place. But be ready to be turned down because most popular wedding venues are booked early on. However, you might just get lucky!
  • Look for non- traditional spots, there are a lot of a beautiful churches and weddings venues here in the Philippines. You can ask around for nice venues from friend or relatives. If you are relative have a beautiful garden, you might want to utilize that space.
  • Considered hiring a wedding coordinator. They will greatly help you find a hard to find wedding location because they do have the networking skills. Options to choose from.

2. Wedding Outfit
  • Wedding gowns require time to complete, what with all the beadworks necessary to make the gown perfect. But there are lots of supplies who can do express gowns, with quality of course!
  • Ask for referrals from friends or relatives so that you can have priority attention Consider buying a ready to wear gown both for you and for your bridesmaids As an Alternative, try considering dresses not intended tobe a bride's maids gown but a prom gown or a party gown .extend your options.
  • You can ask your bridesmaids to wear their own dresses or provide for their own with a particular color.

3. Invitations
  • Complete and finalize your entourage list fast! Wedding invites should be delivered at least 6 weeks before the wedding date.
  • Make your own invitation, or have a friend who I knowledgeable in computers make your invitation. A lot of software can help you design your own invitation.
  • Consider express mails so that your invitation reaches the recipient earlier. Through this is more expensive, you can be assured of fast delivery service.
  • Hand your invitation personally or have a friend give it personally to avoid having to mail the invites.

4. Food and Cake
  • Most caterers are also booked in advance, so as they; there is never harm in trying. Inquire and you might just book the date you desire.
  • Consider having your Aunt who cooks so well be your own caterer!

5. Wedding favors and Gift
  • Search the internet for a specific favor you would like to give so that you'll have an idea where to start looking.
  • Visit specialty shops so you can look for unique wedding favors.
  • Wedding favors isn't necessary, but it is a nice way to thank your entire guest for going the extra mile to be present at your wedding.

Wedding Planning in 3 months

Help! I am getting married soon! As in soon!!!
Traditionally, couples plan the wedding for at least 6 to 8 months. This gives them ample preparation time. However, some couples are restricted with time due to some reasons. It may be that Dad is boarding the ship again to continue being a seaman, so we need to get married soon! Or a relative died and we should get married soon or wait another 3 year's! or simply, my tummy will tell the world that we're having a baby so we need to get married soon!

Fret not! We have squeeze in the normal 12 months preparation time into 3 months. But of course, it will require a lot of work! And quick decisions to make. And some trade-offs, too...

Use the calendar guide to help you breeze through your shortened wedding preparation. Good luck!

3 months before

Week 1
  • Select and finalize the wedding date.
  • Plan the budget & conceptualized how your wedding will be like so that you'll more or less know what suppliers to look for.
  • Use this week to scout for ceremony & reception venues, caterer's photographers & videographers, designers & other wedding supplier's .you have no time to waste!.
  • Apply for your marriage license.
  • Start working on your list of principal sponsors, wedding entourage & ceremony members.
  • Hire a wedding coordinator if desired.
  • Begin your fitness & beauty program.

Week 2
  • Finalize you're your list of principal sponsors & take time out of your super busy schedule to meet with each to inform them.
  • Finalize your wedding entourage & ceremony members (including readers and offerrors). Inform each of their role.
  • Work on your document requirement for the church.
  • Choose and inform your officiating priest or pastor.
  • Time to book your suppliers- ceremony venue, reception venue caterer, designer, photographer & videographer.
  • Decide on a color motif.
  • Start drafting your invitation .this is should be finalized immediately so that you can send it out ASAP.

Week 3
  • Have your invitation & thank you cards printed.
  • Schedule pre-nuptial shoot & trial makeup.
  • Schedule gown fittings.
  • Compile guest list & organized contact info.
  • Consult travel agencies regarding honeymoon plans.

Week 4
  • Tim to book other suppliers like florist, emcee, musician (if any),and make-up artist.
  • Discuss menu with your caterer & schedule for food tasting.
  • Look around for souvenirs & gift for your entourage.
  • Start drafting your wedding vow (if any).
  • Inform participants for the reception (like well- wishers and singers).

2 months before

Week 1
  • Draft missalette an prepare song line-up.
  • Purchase souvenirs and gifts for the entourage. Start wrapping these as well.
  • Purchase your wedding ring.

Week 2
  • Shop your shoes and wedding accessories.
  • Finalize design details and flower arrangement for reception venues.
  • Finalize menu, beverage and other details with your caterer.
  • Finalize song for ceremony and reception.
  • Send out invitations.

Week 3
  • Gown fitting for you (if you're not too suspicious) and for your entourage.
  • Print missalette.

Week 4
  • Finalize honeymoon plans.
  • Discuss reception program with emcee.
  • Follow-up RSVP.

1 month before

Week 1
  • Inform your caterer of your final guest count.
  • Rehearsals (if any).
  • Submit songs to the musician.
  • Shop for other accessories.
  • Follow up RSVP.

Week 2
  • Draft seating plan for the reception.
  • Review supplier's contacts.
  • Pick up and deliver gowns to your entourage.
  • Collects the groom's outfit.
  • Inspect favors and other accessories.
  • Tread the shoe heels.

Week 3
  • Despedida de Soltera.
  • Final headcount.
  • Finalize headcount.
  • Finalize seat plan.
  • Confirm bridal car and hotel room accommodation (if you are dressing up in a hotel).
  • Final checking and purchase of items needed.
  • Organize accessories.
  • Make a pack list for the hotel.
  • Rehearse wedding vows.
  • Entourage, church & reception program participant's reminders.
  • Delegate tasks to a responsible relative or friend who will handle decisions while you're busy enjoying your wedding.

Week 4
  • Have your manicure and pedicure.
  • Prepare your luggage if your dressing up in a hotel.
  • Time for spa and a massage.
  • WEDDING DAY!!! Relax and enjoy!.

DOs and DON'Ts For Destination Weddings


Do select an accessible destination. You won't be the only one who will benefit from this but also your guests. They will be more likely to attend your special day and be happy to be there. Having an accessible destination also eliminates potential issues that may arise regarding coordinating your event.

Do visit your destination prior to your big day. If you can afford to visit and have an ocular, that would be very good. It would help if you can personally see the place and assess it (traffic situation, climate, distance from other hotels, etc) so you can act on potential issues that may arise. Meet or scout for local suppliers while you're there.
Do research for the marriage requirements before selecting your destination. This is especially true for those wanting to have an out of the country wedding. Each country/state will have different requirements, which may change from time to time. Be aware of those requirements and prepare for it before you go.

Do scout for hotels and negotiate for group discounts. Most hotels give discount if you book for a large group. Your guests will surely appreciate this!

Do arrive at your destination a few days ahead of your big day. This will give you time to review the details of your wedding. This also allow for any travel delays. You'll also have time to relax before your wedding day so that stress will be at a minimum level.

Do send out save-the-date cards and wedding invitations well in advance. Since your wedding will require travel, allow your guests to have ample time to prepare (schedule time off from work, book flights and hotels, etc). It would be nice to invite even those you know who cannot attend. It is always nice to be asked and who knows who might just surprise you on your special day!

Do add a touch of the local culture to your wedding. Whether serving local delicacies or incorporating a local tradition into the wedding, do not be afraid to explore.

Do be flexible. You might be dreaming of a sunset wedding, but the place is too buggy during the dusk so you might need to adjust the time of your wedding. Accept that what you have in mind might not be feasible to your chosen destination.

Do choose an appropriate attire for you and your entourage. Consider the climate of your destination and dress comfortably with style!

Do hire a professional wedding planner. You will need all the help you can!


Don't expect all invited guests to be present. Guest will have their reason for not coming such as schedule conflicts or budget concerns. Don't take it personally if they cannot come. A destination wedding is usually an avenue for an intimate gathering.

Don't  assume that guests are familiar with your destination. Provide maps, direction and some information about the place so your guests will feel more comfortable traveling.

Don't plan every detailed activity for your guests. You may provide a short itinerary for your guests so that they won't get bored, but allow them to have time for themselves, explore the place and relax. Remember that they are on vacation too so don't let them feel obligated to join all your prepared activity.

Don't feel obliged to pay for the travel expenses of your guests. You may do so as a courtesy and if your budget allows it. What you need to provide though, is food and accommodation during their stay. It will also help if you can make their stay as comfortable as possible. Arrange for discounts for the activities they might want to try and transportation if they want to explore the place.

Don't forget to appreciate your guests for coming. Provide welcome baskets with items that will make their stay comfortable. Include a thank you note to make them really feel appreciated. You can also schedule a dinner with them to personally thank them.

Don't be too out. Just enjoy your day!

How to deal with "Wicked Weather" on your Wedding Day?

By MOBE's Events & Entertainment

Planning the outdoor wedding of your dreams certainly requires more preparation & extra effort in decision making than having it done indoors. Even in the most desirable conditions, wedding planning can be stressful. What more when dealing with the unpredictable weather? There are many lovely outdoor destination weddings here and abroad - like beautiful beaches, lake fronts, mountains, gardens providing gorgeous backdrop for outdoor weddings. The variety of charming locations are endless! Some of the beautiful wedding ceremonies we have sung for and coordinated have been outdoors. There is nothing more beautiful than being one with your spouse and one with nature, but plan accordingly, as heavy rain and strong winds are two of the biggest factors that can ruin your big day!

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, we always recommend establishing a back-up plan with your venue personnel or event coordinator. Ask all the necessary questions in advance. The most important piece of advice is to have an alternative location planned in case the weather turns sour. To have a banquet hall ready for you. Some venues offer the entire place without incurring extra costs and through others may charge a little more, it will definitely save you from worrying and not enjoying your big day. If you can't afford a back-up location on hold and you are going ahead regardless of the weather, put a note on your invitation indicating that the wedding will happen "rain or shine," so guests have the option of bringing umbrellas to the wedding. Or it's good gesture to have large golf-type umbrellas available as back up. There are companies who make personalized umbrellas that work well and may serve as your added giveaway.

If your outdoor wedding will be held in a location with no building or indoor facilities, like a garden in a private estate, inform all key suppliers especially those that require lighting and electricity. When calculating the tent into your budget, make sure your price includes delivery, set-up and tear-down. Your professional suppliers may also suggest things you have not thought of since they have had experienced the sane thing in their previous engagements. Another thing, keep in mind that musical instruments are delicate and can be damaged by direct sunlight, humidity and/or mist. Therefore, ask your musicians what there plan B is!

The above suggestions are only few of possible strategies for avoiding bad weather during an outdoor wedding. Bottom line, when every detail of your special day is planned, every moment prepared for, but the weather is one thing you really can't count on. Don't assume that the weather will behave just because you want it to, have a careful plan and be prepared to implement it. Part of its success is tied to-again, weather conditions.

Lastly, weather-appropriate shoes are wise as a standby. By planning ahead, however, you can stop bad weather from ruining your otherwise most delightful & memorable wedding day!

Perfect pairings - What menus work for destination weddings?

- K by Cunanan

In the past, marrying away from home almost always meant that the couple would elope. But today, this idea has now shed its negative connotation and a growing number of couples have found the idea of destination weddings to be perfect for their dream day - intimate, relaxed and comforting. These three details are essential when it comes to creating the ideal menu for your wedding.

Finding the perfect pairing is about providing a harmonious balance between presentation, nourishment, quality and texture. It is important to blend an exquisite combination of flavors that will delight your guests as well as satisfy. There is hardly any need for an elaborate or extensive menu. Let the ambience of the venue and atmosphere guide you in preparing a set of dishes that will highlight the focal flavors of the region - mouthwatering grilled entrees for when you're celebrating by the beach or native Filipiniana dishes with a twist for foreign couples celebrating in the country. Let the ingredients showcase themselves revealing their true essence. Use the freshest of fresh ingredients, cook them to enhance their flavors and excite the palette. Seek the perfect wine accompaniment for your dishes. These are sure to bring out the unique taste in each meal. Most of all, ensure that your menu reflects what you both enjoy as a couple. After all, it is a celebration of love, life and the blending of new families and new flavors!